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Branding & Local Government

Why cities and government departments should use a visual branding strategy

We see cities, whether they are small or big giving importance on architectural structures, on settled landscapes and traffic controlled roads. What is all good for if there isn't a correct way of displaying and explaining all these? Be kind to the public you serve by being comprehensive and visual aesthetic.



Easy to read signages, illustrative infographics, law notifications, announcements and much more must be in a certain hierarchy order with an easy-to-read design for the citizens but also for sightseers and visitors.

Good public perception and clear communication should be the foundation in the briefing on any city-branding project.

Producing order through visual communication in a messy system and chaotic flow is required for any city or town to unite and build visual culture, not only for its recognition via various printed or digital media (both regionally and overseas) but also for its informative presentation to its citizens.


Cities can stand out such as products or services, on a global stage, delivering an identity, reputation, and character. Social and economic factors are much more relevant in the briefing, unlike corporate logos or business branding.

Visual elements must universally connect to evoke the city and draw more people to visit or invest without losing its grip with into messy outdoors and promotional signages.

Check these perfectly design examples


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