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Coffee Business & Branding

"No, I will not come to your Cafe or buy your Coffee beans, because your logo & package sucks!"

Coffee in Cyprus is an every day, every hour a primary part in our life. A social encountering point, that can last up to 2 hours. Competition increases as more coffee shops pop up in every corner, following the trend that goes on around 3 years now, specialty coffee roasters.

A very profitable business in our country with demanding customers that will always want to have a "nice" cup of coffee in their hand for their caffeine fix, and a package in their house.

Specialty coffee is adding, even more, value, quality, and sustainability to any Coffee shop.

Why does your coffee business need branding?

Well, because of uniqueness. The best coffee business and brands, don't just exist of good coffee, but also because of a well-conceived and structured visual representation and appearance.

Small local coffee shops can build a solid reputation and get settled in their communities, attracting new customers but also create a better relationship with the current ones.

Carefully crafted logos, creative packaging, and consistency in all visual means can make you stand out from the increasing competition, and draw the right audience with the relevant character that your brand wants.

Some coffee shops/roasting companies think that they can be held by the neighbourhood, or friends and contacts in small cities such as Pafos. Although that is very important and true, due to the rise of the business, it is better to look up to the future and think ahead for an establishment of the company or business in years to come.

To sum it up, branding image and positioning strategy are not just about your coffee business and your brand, it’s a lot about your customer's character and their value.

And coffee is what Graphic Designers know all too well!

Check one of our projects for Rich Coffee Roasters, a local coffee shop in Limassol,

Cyprus that produces coffee since 1948.

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