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Is re-branding bad? The need to re-brand is not a bad sign! on the contrary, it affirms that you are in a good place and that your business has evolved past beyond its early identity and now it's ready to take another big step to new lengths. It strengthens a business presence and perception towards its audience.


• The target demographic has changed

Time changes everything, lifestyle, commons, attitudes etc. From hipsters to millennials. You need to appeal and draw each audience as it changes and shifts from lifestyles. Focus on your marketing but also to the visual elements that need to be modernized.

• New competition, technological changes or taste trends have emerged

As technology techniques and practices rise, a rebranding is required, to keep up with the growth of the competition, new business use new technology tricks and tech-printing procedures that can transform the look but also improve the aesthetic part of your brand.

• The brand is dated

You want to keep the "vintage/traditional" feel your logo has? With a professional graphic designer that is possible but also, give the up-to-date need that it should have.

• Tell the world!

Be proud and not ashamed that you had to rebrand, that means you are going forward! Showcasing your changes gives transparency to your business, a thing which the audiences love, and explain the reasons behind it. You reduce the risks of confusing your customers but also increases the bond you have with them by involving them!


Plus it is a great excuse to create a story and remind people your identity and values as a business, both internally but also externally.


Case Study: A quite challenging logo restructure project that we worked on, was Vasilikon Winery in Kathikas (Pafos, Cyprus).

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