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Vasilikon Winery

Vasilikon Winery is one of the first local wineries created in Pafos, Cyprus, founded in 1993 by three brothers. The winery was in Paphos was seeking a way to update their current logo to a new up-to-date design without losing their trademark and symbol of the establishment through the years, the eagle. Given the limitations, it was designed with a standard icon and a unique typeface in two versions, Long Horizontal and a Short Vertical.


Logo design, business card, trifold leaflet, roll up banners,

brochure wine catalogue, delivery boxes, invitation design



Vasilikon Winery




Paphos - Cyprus



A challenging project, where a very old-fashioned but well-established logo had to be adjusted to meet printing technical methods but also an up - to - date appeal. After using the silhouette appearance for the iconic eagle, keeping the position of the wings and based on the negative space of white thus allowing the main body to appear, the typeface should achieve old with a new feeling.


We have also designed an alternative logo/icon where the eagle and the indicative "V" initial letter of "Vasilikon" were combined.

2019 / S.N.

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